31 May 2011

Blogger Stats: What's Going on With Your Blog Right Now

A lot of etsy sellers feel intimidated by Google Analytics, considering it too techy. While there is no other alternative for keeping track of the traffic of your etsy store, you can use Blogger Stats to be updated on the visits to your Blogger blog. 

Stats for Blogger have been around for almost a year now and apart from the simple, easy to understand user interface, the 2 most sensible  reasons why you should use it are:

1. You don't need to do anything to enable it.
2. You get real-time information of your blog traffic.

Since Stats are part of Blogger, you don't need to do anything to get access - no signing up for another service, no embedding codes, no adding gadgets. You can find the Stats Tab right on your blog's dashboard.

You can see who is viewing your blog right at the moment and what they are viewing!

What is more, you can get much more information, like the country your visitors come from, what keywords lead them to your blog how they ended up on your blog, and which of your posts are the most popular. You can even get to information about the operation system or browser your readers are using.

For example, if anyone shares a link to your blog on their blog/Facebook page/Tweeter, you can see almost instantly the clicks you are getting from them, with the particular link mentioning your post as the traffic source.

Of course, you can keep track of traffic data not only for the present moment but also for the day/week/month or all time. 

A very important feature for the achievement of accuracy is the exclusion of your own pageviews. While this is considerably hard to do in Google Analytics, in Blogger Stats you only need to click!

In the Overview tab of Stats, click on the Don’t track your own pageviews link and select Don’t track my pageviews.

I have read in the etsy forums that people who use Google Analytics for their blog find differences in information. This is because of the different collection mechanisms and actually I haven't seen quite so much of a difference.

How are you following your blog's traffic? Do you have any tips to add?