07 July 2011

Help Needed

Maybe you know my friend Anya of Anya's Green Baby. In May she wrote a wonderful guest post for the Kanelstrand blog discussing the dangerous chemicals in make-up, perfumes and hair care. If you have missed it, prepare for some disturbing disclosures and click here to read it.

Anya is a crafty, eco-minded person. For her, organic is much more then a fashionable trend, it is a way of life. She has an all green home from cleaning to food to laundry. In her blog she shares many green tips, all of them researched vigorously and tested by her. In her real life, Anya is a college Professor teaching American Sign Language.

In the post she wrote for the Kanelstrand blog she briefly mentions the infertility problems she and her husband have been having but there is much more to the story than that. 

Once they discovered that they cannot have children, Anya and her husband Brad decided to do whatever possible to provide a loving home to a child who truly needed their love. 

They set on the tiresome adoption journey interspersed with obstacles and challenges. Whoever has gone through the process knows that it involves tons of paperwork, many long interviews, home visits, references letters, detailed background checks and of course thousands of dollars. Anya and Brad saved for years but coming up with $20,000 cash is not easily achieved regardless of your drive.
Now they are closer then ever but those last few checks are putting a strain on them. Anya and Brad would appreciate any prayers and help towards their fundraiser, called "Owl Support Adoption". It features Anya's most loved owl items from her Etsy shop. They also have a Paypal donate button on the left side of Anya's blog. To help spread the word, you can post about the fundraiser on facebook or tweet about it as well!

Please, open your hearts and help them with whatever you can. Even the smallest amount donated by many people will eventually add up to the $3000 they need! Before heading out to Anya's etsy shop, take a moment to visit her blog, where you will find more information.

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On a totally different note: I would greatly appreciate it if you have the time to fill out my short survey.
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  1. Good for them for adopting a kid! I'd like to do that someday. I'll go check out her shop!

  2. Good on you for helping spread the word. I'll go check out her shop.

    BTW, thanks for the kick in the pants to start a guest blogger series. My first guest is posted today. =)

  3. I wish them the very best... so, so close! Before they know it there'll be a sweet, cherished baby in their arms. :) I will definitely have to check out her blog, I'm drawn to others who choose the organic lifestyle. :) Also off to answer your survey...

  4. Thank you ladies, for your prompt reactions!

    Athena's Armoury, I am so glad for you! Thanks to the Internet, ideas and information spread so quickly and get to the right people!

  5. What a beautiful reason to open an Etsy shop! Wishing them all the best! :o)