24 July 2011

From Coast to Coast Expedition - Days 11, 12, and 13

Early in the morning we go back to the Atlantic Road. We get accepted in the pack now. Vultures waiting for the clouds to clear, praying for some wind, or even waves. 

Yes, we'd rather have enormous waves washing the road than this indifferent gray sky.

We wait and wait, move from bridge to bridge but it is all the same. No sun today. Still, we take our photos to share with you.

And we go.

Another day spent on the road. Another night in an unknown city.

We are in Trondheim, once the capital of Norway but still the place to crown the king. It is the home of the biggest church in Norway, the Nidaros Cathedral, where St. Olaf was buried – an orthodox saint and a driving force behind Norway's final conversion to Christianity.

The view from Nidaros Cathedral

And it is raining.

We spend the next two days on the streets and in the cathedral of Trondheim. We take the 172 steps up the tower to see the town from the once highest building in town. It still is impressive. Even in the rain.

The afternoon of July 22 starts with the terrifying news of the bombing of the government quarters in Oslo and the shooting on the Ut√łya island. The rest of the day disappears in following the news and talking with relatives over the phone. The worst attack of Norway since WWII. Everyone is in shock. According to the news 93 people are dead on the island and in Oslo. No words can explain how terror stricken Norway is at the moment.

Thank you, my friends for the emails and concerned comments. We are in shock.


  1. Oh my, I wasn't aware of this. I'll send tons of healing, positive energy your way, stay strong. :) On another note, rain or no rain, clear skies or cloudy, you are still capturing amazingly beautiful photos. :)

  2. My heart breaks for the victims in Oslo. I am so very sorry and I know so many Americans here feel deeply for this loss. I was even more stunned when I heard the killer's 'reasoning' behind his actions.
    Your photos are amazing and Norway is simply stunning.
    How sad that this tragedy should mar your travels...again, our hearts are with you.

  3. I have enjoyed your journey and photos and was stunned when I heard the news of Norway. My prayers go out for the people of Norway and for your continued safe travels. I'm so sorry this has happened and I know the rest of your trip will not be the same.

  4. I am so sad for the families who have lost their loved ones. And sad for you.
    Have safe travels and thank you for sharing such beauty!

  5. These are my favorite photos so far! And I'm glad you guys are safe.

  6. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful country. We are so sorry for the loss of some of your wonderful citizens!!

  7. Your photos are lovely! We were stunned to hear about the terrible events - our prayers are with the beautiful people of Norway.

  8. thinking of you and taking in the beauty of this place ..that is what I will rest in here

  9. I'm so sorry to hear about the bombing/shooting in Norway! What disturbing news to get in the middle of your expedition. :/

    Still, your photos are - as usual - gorgeous. <3 I love the first one!