17 July 2011

From Coast to Coast Expedition - Days 4, 5 and 6

Oh yes, they were good mechanics at Åndalsnes and managed to bring our van back to life in just several hours. A big thank you to all of you sending good thoughts our way, it worked!

We spent 3 days on an involuntary Internet diet and that is why today I will tell you about all three of them.

Another amazing day in Åndalsnes and the nearby Romsdal valley. On the next morning, after a breathtaking World Base Race – those people flying in wing suits from terrifyingly high cliffs in Norway – we head west to Geirangerfjord, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The two dots in the sky are base jumpers flying with nothing else but a wing suit. After landing with a parachute the adrenaline is pretty high for sure.

Video via: Friluftslek TV

Steep roads, ferries, more steep roads and silence. The echo of bird wings accompanied by the thunder of fresh water falling hundreds of meters down to reach the salty waters of the ocean.

We spend the night in the village at the end of this mighty fjord. Do you remember the Åndalsnes population of 2,000? Here live even less but this is named the best travel destination in Scandinavia. No wonder!
The sweetest chocolate shop at the best tourist destination in Scandinavia

Aren't the toilets in Geiranger charming!

We wake up to the gentle rays of the fjord sun. Geiranger fjord is so long that no waves can actually reach the end of it and the water is absolutely still, ruffled only by the cruise ships and boats that anchor here. The same goes for the wind, hence it is extremely hot even in the morning although we are higher up north than Anchorage, Alaska.

We walk and climb under the sun, sit in the tree shades, smell the herbs growing in abundance and despite the realization that we are just a fraction in a mighty International army of tourists, we find a quiet place and soak up every second – and there is no way to forget that awe inspiring moment in time when the fjord, the birds, the ships, some tiny white clouds and even the passengers in the boats far down line up in a perfect harmony just for us.

There is no other place we'd rather be just now.


  1. The pictures are absolutely gorgeous!! You are so lucky to have a chance to take this wonderful trip!


  2. Our son does B.A.S.E. jumping as well and has jumped these fjords! It's not a sport we particularly are pleased with ... he has had a couple of bad bad injuries ... but he loves it and has submitted several videos to competitions!
    He too has a wingman suit. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful area!

  3. i have so been enjoying your traveling these past few posts..such magical country side .. hope the van is fixed quickly!!

  4. Åndalsnes - another corner of heaven I miss! awesome views!

  5. What a beautiful place to visit, especially if you're a photographer! :) So gorgeous. Your trip looks wonderful!

    Jumping with a wing suit, though... kind of terrifying. ;) That video is incredible, however, - the base jumpers look like birds gliding along! :D

  6. Thank you for taking this journey with us!

    Missing Moments, I actually thought that base jumpers don't have minor injuries, just fatal ones! Your son must be really brave.

    Magda, I totally understand you!

    Theresa, we feel really, really lucky not only to be able to travel here but to have this amazing weather!

    ELK, the van is ready!!

    Taylor, you are right, this is a photographer's paradise, or rather hell - you cannot take all the pictures you see... they are hundreds in just 5 minutes... sometimes it is so overwhelming but it really is an unforgettable experience!

  7. Based on all of the gorgeous photos you've shown us, Sonya, I believe you! :D I just bet my card would be full before I'd been gone two days. ;) I'm surprised yours isn't - but I guess you've been able to import them onto the computer as you go. :)

  8. Beautiful photos! Wow, those jumpers are crazy. You could never persuade me to do that in a million years! I think something must be wrong in their brains to completely shut off their survival instincts like that. Hahaha.

  9. Absolutely gorgeous. The last one is my favorite.

  10. I need to go to that chocolate shop!

  11. I love, LOVE that last photo. :) I'm so glad you're having an amazing time and savoring all the joyful moments. Not that I had any doubt you would... ;) That video was unbelievable, they have discovered a way to fly, really and truly. :)