18 July 2011

From Coast to Coast Expedition - Days 7 and 8

We bid Geiranger farewell on a rainy morning. The prefect time and setting to leave this piece of heaven. If it wasn't for the dark clouds we could have lost ourselves here for a whole eternity. 

After a magical boat trip through the fjords and 60 mi (100 km) on land to the North-West we reach the coast. Civilization. Ă…lesund. Unique architecture, attention to detail, steep winding streets and sun. It is hot! 
Ships come and go. People are sunbathing on their yachts. Ă…lesund is colorful and cozy, situated on several small islands and surrounded by mind blowing scenery. 
There are Beatles fans everywhere

Did you spot the dog?
The town was burnt to the ground in one January night in 1904 in one of the most fierce fires in the history of Norway. Only one person died that night. The town was rebuilt by 30 Norwegian architects in stone, brick, and mortar in Jugendstil (Art Nouveau), the architectural style of the time.

That vast sea of brick buildings in the heart if Fjord Norway seems unreal, like an oasis, but at a moment when we are not thirsty, nor need any rest. We do spend 2 nights here though, right on the beach. The warmest nights since we started the trip.