13 July 2011

From Coast to Coast Expedition - Day 3

A town of 2,000 people on a territory of 1 square mile. That's just about it. They don't even have a pedestrian street in the center. And yet, there is this daring phrase on the town hall's facade: The world's best place for people who enjoy nature!

And, my God, it is the best and beyond! I doubt any words can do the surroundings of Ã…ndalsnes justice. That beauty is calling us to drive even higher - to the mountains; to follow the Troll Road, to go up, up, up... and just before we leave town our van dies.

Would you believe that there are cherry trees so far north!

The legendary red van that took us to places beyond imagination. Hopefully the good car mechanics of Ã…ndalsnes will resurrect it tomorrow. Or on Friday, or Monday, they said. 5 days in a town of 2 000 people? When all the mountains are calling us with their elfish voices? That will require much patience.

We desperately need all your positive thoughts, friends! And hopefully the VW mechanic will have mercy on us and will decide to help us first thing tomorrow. Fingers crossed...