30 May 2013

Seasons in Scandinavia: May in Norway

May in Norway brought generous sun at last. Out of the rain and the dark clouds suddenly new clouds were born, spring ones. The first rainbow of the year stretched across the vibrant blue sky and underneath all living beings, shedding their winter coats smiled joyfully.

I'm exhilarated by the sun and the longer days. I cannot believe there is no more snow and the ice in the fjord is gone. I am thankful that it is now possible to sit quietly outside under the sun and not freeze. And I do, I sit for hours and I listen to the birds. I wish I could identify them by their songs but even my ignorance cannot stop my utter joy at the coming spring.Or is it summer already?

The National day of Norway brought colors and high spirits to the streets of sleepy Oslo.

For the first time in May we were able to enjoy the sun. The grass is almost green.

The fjord, the same one we used to walk on in the winter is now alive. And we all greet the sun on the banks.