28 May 2013

A Letter to my Traveling Self

This is the letter to my traveling self. I am writing it before I hit the road, while my head is still cool and I am not yet taken by the sights and sounds of distant lands.

I am on my way to my mother's home, a few-hours journey will take me back to relatives, friends and the streets of my childhood. The differences in weather, culture and relationships tend to blur my mind and distract me from my simple outlook on life.

That is why I am caringly preparing these words of advice, like a mother to her young daughter.

1. Talk less
There are so many people who want to meet you and talk to you but don't be fooled into talking too much. They all have their own worries and joys they cannot wait to share with so, so give them a chance and let them talk. You will learn more.

2. Don't compare
Comparison is the killer of all joys. When you're on vacation you view the world through your pink glasses and it is way too easy to judge wrongly. Be calm and open minded. Enjoy everything that comes to you and leave dreaming for later.

3. Be mindful
Be actively present at all times. Make sure you are not foregoing anything and invest your whole being into being the perfect vacationer. Put your non-vacation life on hold and immerse in the new place.

4. Be yourself
Don't be afraid to revert to your old self or new one, for that matter. Be who you want to be. People will always have expectations but you cannot make all of them happy all the time. So be who your conscience tells you and make sure YOU like yourself in the end.

5. Relax
Whatever you do, make sure you are relaxing. This is the time to refresh your mind and nourish your creativity. Don't let yourself be lured by petty problems, rise above them, open your heart and enjoy the change in scenery.

And that's it. A simple list of advice for a simplifier on the road.

Let me know what advices you give yourself before hitting the road.