20 May 2013

The Best App to Help You Simplify Your Life

It has been a little over 2 months since I entered the smart world. I am still using my simple mobile phone, a Nokia that has a good 10 days battery life but I bought a Google Nexus 7 - exactly the size of a book.

It is a good replacement of my trusty Lenovo L520 on creative outings when I need to read or write. I have my audio- and e-books uploaded and the whole digital world of simplifying and green information.

I have made a commitment to stick to as little apps as possible, because I know how distracting and time-consuming they can become.

Today, while cleaning one of my RSS readers I realized that the best app for simplifying your life cannot be downloaded. It is YOU.

Want simple life?
Stop looking for apps that only clutter your screens and drain your creativity. Go out there and live a simple life. No device will help you organize, declutter and clean your home or your thoughts.

Leave that smartphone/tablet/computer on the table and go do something. Be it just a slow solitary stroll. Talk to a friend, help a relative, make your loved ones happy.

The best simplifying app is you.


  1. This is true, my partner can't get over my lack of apps! Some, such as the weather forecast, sat nav etc are useful but I stay clear of all the games/ junk ones that just eat up your time.Rx


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Rachael. I think the realization that apps are a hindrance is key to a sane life nowadays!

  2. I feel better now! I thought I was just "behind the times" because I haven't had much interest in apps, & I only have the bare minimum on my phone. I like the perspective that I am keeping it simple rather than creating information overload on my phone. Thanks for this positive perspective!

    1. Oh, you should definitely feel good about having the minimum on your phone! Who needs more stress than we already have in our lives! Thank you for dropping by and sharing your opinion, Lisa. It is always appreciated!