23 May 2013

How to Pack Your Bags in 30 Minutes

Summer is almost here and there is at least one exciting journey ahead each of us.

I know how daunting packing luggage may seem to some of you and that is why I decided to share my way of doing this.

Efficient packing is the result of only one thing -- good organization.

Here is what I mean by good organization.
  • Consider the weather at your destination, so that you can take the right clothes.
  • How many days are you staying and will you need to switch outfits during the course of a single day?
  • What is your agenda? Is it just a trip for fun? Will you need formal clothes?
After answering these questions it gets even easier.
  • Pick a pair or two of pants (and probably a skirt) and several tops that fit the pants as well as the skirt, so you can always come up with fresh combinations without bringing too much clothes.
  • Remember to get a cardigan or jacket if you need one. Rain jacket is always a good idea.
  • Maybe a formal dress?
  • Decide on the number and types of shoes you need and don't forget fliplops. You will rarely need more than 3 pairs.
  • Of course you need underwear, towels, and toiletries.
Now think of your intellectual well-being.
  • Are you taking your computer? The tablet? Or just the phone? Don't forget the chargers for each.
  • A book and pen and paper.
  • Another good thing to always have is a small first aid kit.
Now pack all these and you are all set!

I think that was just under 30 minutes or at least that's how much it took me to pack my bags. Easy, isn't it! A big plus of this method is that you don't even need to make a list because you are packing so fast!

Another good thing to do is pack a few days ahead of your journey, so you have time to rethink.

What approach do you use to pack your bags? Do you love or dread it?


  1. I enjoy packing. it's part of the holiday to me as I get all excited. My top tip is to roll clothes instead of folding them.Rx


  2. Rachael, thanks for the great idea! Actually I also do this sometimes. I remember my cousin telling me that this is the best way to keep my clothes without wrinkles.

  3. I have a drawer where I keep some travel items such as a pen/pencil case, clear quart bags (airplane), small address book.
    Taking underwear that can be easily hand washed and dried is another space saving tip.

    1. Keeping a drawer sounds like saved ng even more time, great suggestion!

  4. ...and a tiny sewing kit! You want to be able to reattach a button if it comes off. :)

    1. Yes, of course! How did I miss the sewing kit?!

  5. Good tips here! I love to pack and usually get into an arguments with my dear husband who always always overpacks (part of my trick to "underpacking" is that I always factor in getting a few new pieces of clothing or shoes on my vacation!).

    I never leave home without a small sewing kit...I always seem to lose a button or break a hem while away!

    1. I was prone to overpacking as well but you are right, the possibility of buying clotjes on the road is liberating.

  6. I'm a horrible packer. Always taking too much and never allowing enough time to get the job done. Thanks for the helpful tips!