23 April 2012

Etsy Front Page on Earth Day

Earth Day came and passed, just like the rain storm that woke me up on Sunday.  After taking quiet actions that have already become a routine, my family had a healthy dinner of baked salmon with mashed potatoes and fresh green salad. Perfect for Earth Day.

It was a day of walking, unplugging, non-buying, avoiding plastic and reusing paper (as usual); a typically chilly, early-spring day in Norway.

island in the stream photograph
Island in the stream by Kanelstrand

I knew there weren't going to be any surprises on Sunday but how little I knew. 

Right after dinner, I got an email from my dear friend ELK with the best news I could get - my photo was featured on the front page of Etsy. Excited? No, I was ecstatic! 

This was my first time on the front page since I had opened my shop, and so soon after I re-branded! For those of you who don't know, a few weeks ago I finally gave up on my one of a kind felted bracelets to start selling fine art photography prints. 

etsy front page earth day
Etsy front page on Earth Day

A big thank you to Liz from GreenGrass for the beautiful treasury! I am really proud to be among such beauty!

What a better moment to be on the front page than Earth Day! I am choosing to take this coincident as the sign that I am on the right track with my photography! 

But I want your help too. Please, take a look in my freshly re-built shop and tell me which print is your favorite and why. You know how much I trust your opinions, don't you!