29 April 2012

Eco Mobiles for an Artistic Home

Mobiles are a perfect way to freshen up your living space be it in or outdoors. They add an unexpected dimension and help you see your everyday in a new light. 

A good mobile will turn slowly but if the wind catches is in the right angle it will dance and change its visual perspective with each little twist.
Adding eco-friendliness to beauty is a passion of mine and that is why I especially wanted to share these mobiles. All of them include reusing, upcycling or recycling for which I applaud their makers. 

Let me start with a whimsical Italian artist, who creates not only mobiles and lavish chandeliers but also unique jewelry by cutting and fusing glass bottles. Ilaria of Metamorphosi is an inspiration in herself and a name to remember.

upcycled glass mobile by metamorphosi
Little Cloud Eco-Friendly Mobile

The second mobile is styled after Finnish traditions by Melissa of AMradio, Its geometric pattern is a lovely minimalist addition to any space.
modern mobile star himmeli
Modern Mobile: Star Himmeli

Who wouldn't love to share home with a rabble of butterflies in all seasons! This butterfly mobile by ButterflyOrb is simply delightful to watch and I would love to have it in my living room, even though it is for the nursery.
nursery mobile
Nursery Mobile in Pink, White and Grey

Last but not least, look at this sea glass mobile that can also double as a wind chime. It is made by Rebecca of TheRubbishRevival with sea glass and driftwood found on the beaches of Santa Barbara, California. 
Seaglass and Driftwood Mobile

Do you have a thing for mobiles? What are your favorites?