26 April 2012

Seasons in Scandinavia: April in Norway

I am not please with April this year. It had a promising warm start but it looks like it is going to end like a bleak November. What we've seen so far of April is rain, clouds, fog and damp brown soil. At least the birds sing loud, as if it was sunny. Can you imagine a month without sun? I wonder how the peach in the glasshouse nearby managed to cover itself in pink blooms.

That is why today I am going through Aprils past. And don't be surprised by the bright colors and shining photos - that is my nostalgia calling. Can you please call in the sun finally?

sea fog in april


southern norway fishing villages

spring flowers

the boat and the blooming apple

peach in bloom - norway


cherry in bloom

northern sea

daffodil in spring

How is April treating you?