28 May 2011

The Stress-free Method to Sharpen Your Knife

Knives (axes) have been the moving force behind human evolution ever since a sharp stone was first tied to a wooden stick. But have you thought about how you could keep your knives sharp if you didn’t have any of the following tools?
Photos: Leeds Museums and Galeries, 7bikeframesweldedtogether, brhefele

There is a very simple solution which I will share with you - the Kanelstrand way of sharpening knives right on the beach! First and foremost, get your hat with a feather! Without it you are doomed to a shameful failure.

Then you need to have:

1. a blunt knife
2. a solid piece of rock that will fit in your fist
3. a handful of sand
4. water

We are using sandstone, which is particularly appropriate. The hardness of its grains and the uniformity of the grain size makes the sandstone a perfect material for grindstones and for sharpening blades and other implements.

Start by wetting the stone and placing some sand on it. Then rub the blade of your knife against the wet sand with circular movements. Take your time and inhale the beneficial air at the beach. This is an exercise for nature loving as well.

You can alternate between forward/backward and circular movements. Just don’t forget to sharpen the whole blade from both sides. When the sand gets dry, sprinkle some more water and continue.

At the end of the process you will have succeeded to:
  • sharpen your knife
  • get some tan
  • fill your lungs with fresh and beneficial sea air
  • relax!

I am sure you have never thought how stress-free a knife sharpening procedure can be! Now go back home and kiss your spouse (just don’t hold the freshly sharpened knife behind your back, it will surely look suspicious)


  1. That's cool. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ha, ha, that was a fun post to read and very educational in the process:):)

  3. I love this, I'm going to try it :)