02 May 2011

Sadly Hookless

Now, here is what happens to the one who starts 3 crochet projects simultaneously! See how easy it is to get over excited by spring crafting and to become sadly hookless (I am almost sure there is no such word but it kind of goes well with the whole absurd situation, doesn't it?).

So, next time you plan to save money, remember this ugly picture and go for the quality! Note to self: Never, ever buy plastic hooks again! They are so NOT eco!

And speaking about crocheting, I am in the process of putting together a lovely how-to for all creative crocheters and adventurous ladies who are willing to try something new, so don't throw away your ragged pants and stay tuned this week for an upcycling project!

By the way, what kind of crochet hooks do you use and would you recommend them?