16 May 2011

Giveaway Winner

Blogger didn't manage to retrieve all the comments on my giveaway, although I extended it with 2 days hoping they will miraculously reappear but alas! I am sorry guys, but there is nothing more that I can do, except one thing - make a new giveaway! And trust me, very soon you will have a second chance. Just make sure you drop by regularly not to miss it.

So, the Kanelstrand Spring Giveaway ended last night and we already have a winner! Let's see who was the luckiest of you all!

And the comment:

Congratulations, Simply Smitten! Your comment survived the Blogger crash and you are even getting an awesome felted bracelet with Scandinavian design! I guess the luck was powered by the positive attitude, just look at her comment!

Very soon you will have this beautiful organic bracelet and maybe you can share a picture or two of you wearing it! Enjoy!


  1. I will keep my eyes out for your next giveaway. Love your little apple covers. Way cute

  2. Congrats! I might have to steal it from you, Mom ;)


  3. Yay~ How wonderful! What a lovely surprise on this lovely, rainy and chilly Monday! Thanks so very much, what a treat!!! :)