10 May 2011

5 Tips For Successful Marketing

We are hardly prepared for the avalanche of new activities we have to engage in when starting an online business. Not only do we have to create and photograph fabulous handmade items, to list them in a virtual marketplace but we also have to play the role of our very own marketing manager.

Is marketing EQ becoming more important than IQ? If building a successful brand or simply selling your “stuff” depends on creating an emotional connection with your target audience, is emotional intelligence as a marketer becoming as important as the ability to implement marketing tactics? Graphics by Intersection Consulting.

In this context, marketing reminds me the cherry on top of the cake. It is the extra added bonus to every creative person's efforts out there. A bonus which comes on top of everything (and a bit more) we thought we were supposed to do. But, like it or not, we cannot deal without it. Even the most amazing work of art cannot be sold without getting seen and to get our works ween, we need to promote them.

Last week I wrote a post for the Eco Etsy Blog, in which I discussed the essential tips to successfully pursue a marketing campaign that will provide you with long-lasting results. To read all of the tips in length, stop by the Eco Etsy Blog, or click on the following link:

5 Tips for an Outstanding Marketing Campaign

Do you have any other tips that you can add to this list?