15 May 2011

An Apple A Day

Earlier this week my TV Generation post provoked by some word clouds depicting the most common adjectives our children are exposed to while watching TV stirred a pretty good discussion.

The comments you all posted were heart-warming and impressive. In the past years I had lost hope, thinking that the main stream parents, the ones too busy making money/careers, had taken over what little numbers had been left from the army of considerate parents. In recent years the development in children's pop culture (whatever that is) has really been taking to my nerves and making me feel that my family and the friends we are surrounded with are an exception from a too severe rule. 

Lost childhood? 

Maybe so, especially if you consider Lulu Grey's words: "One thing I saw that burned me up was sketchers shape ups for little girls. Sorry - I don't think my daughter needs to worry about the shape of her ass yet." You cannot imagine how thankful I am that we don't have that in Scandinavia YET.

But bringing up a girl to live in piece with herself, admiring nature, listening to anything else than Hannah Montana, reading, drawing and active in sports is far from easy or rewarding in a class full of 11-year-old girls with absolutely unneeded bras on fully flat breasts, makeup, and gone through at least 5 boyfriends already. I think you all understand what I mean.

But you gave me hope to believe that there are still considerate parents and parents to be. I especially loved the mother and daughter duo - Jordan and Simply Smitten, thinking in perfect unison:

Jordan: "We don't watch any TV. Mom is even thinking of canceling our cable! The only thing we will miss is the Thanksgiving parade."

Simply Smitten: "As my daughter Jordan stated above, we don't watch tv, and at lunch today I was discussing canceling cable! ... I refuse to watch violent, hateful movies and so we stick with light, educational and fun. We'd all much rather pick up a book than sit down in front of the television anyday! :)" 

The proof for truly following our dream of perfection can be found in our offspring and their attitude to life's challenges.

So, all these thoughts coincided with an exciting project I have been working on lately. I have been thinking of adding some diversity to my etsy shop directed to children (and the young at heart)! 

Of course, the products are all eco friendly and created in a clean environment. Is there anything cleaner than a pine filtered air enriched  by the vapors of the Northern sea?

To give you a tiny glimpse of what has been cooking crocheting in my studio, I will show you this photo.
This is an apple cozy, which is also suited for an orange or even a pear. The thick cotton provides a shield from most sharp edges that can hurt an apple in a bag. Dressing up a fruit with such a costume will not only save it but will brighten up everyone's face when they see it at work, or at school.

What is more, eating healthily must be encouraged and nourished from an early age. Bright colors and fun shapes can help kids enjoy their fruit more and make them proudly show off their snack to their friends!

Now, pray tell me what you think! Would you use an apple cozy? Do you think it is a good encouragement for young children to have their apple a day?


  1. Cute apple cozy!! :D And excellent points. There is just way too much junk on TV. The frustrating thing too is you can find programs that are actually healthy/clean/educational ... but there's no telling what will be in the commercials. It is handy to have a TVGuardian to block out bad language.

  2. Those are adorable!! I love them!! I'm just learning to crochet myself (working on organic dishclothes for my shop!)and I so admire your neat, lovely stitches! The apple cozy idea is fabulous, I'd run with it! :) Just think of the critters you could create...

  3. your apple cozies are so cute! very creative! i think they might coax children, epecially younger ones to eat their apple/fruits as they like eating to be fun and colorful. :)