12 April 2013

The Secret to Happiness: Stay in The Moment

Happiness has concerned humanity for a whole eternity. Philosophers and poets have searched for the secret to happiness just as thoroughly as the average farmer. Through the years the recipes for happiness have evolved but have not changed much.

And yet, we continue to search for happiness because even though we do find it sometimes, we manage to keep it for just a fleeting moment before it's gone again.

On my quest to simplify my life and focus on my priorities I have found happiness in:

In fact, I have faithfully followed the positive psychology's teachings of visualizing my wishes and have encouraged you to do the same believing this will help me and you make them come true. I have often drifted away, daydreaming about possible situations or happier moments in life.

Illustration: Alias Ching
But this kind of mind-wandering is actually robbing you of your genuine happiness. 

Surely, you will argue that when people's minds are preoccupied with unpleasant thoughts it is natural for them to feel unhappy but the research Matt Killingsworth has led proves that people remain less happy regardless of whether their thoughts are positive or negative.

Even when your mind wanders to pleasant thoughts, you are less happy than when you are mindfully present in the moment.

Undoubtedly, training yourself to immerse fully in the present will increase your happiness. Do not overestimate daydreaming and wishful thinking. Get back to basics and do one thing at a time. Be here and now, right where happiness is.

Are you thinking of something other than what you are currently doing?