16 April 2013

Tips from Real Simplifiers: How to Untangle Your Mind

Tips from Real Simplifiers is a new series of posts in which I am sharing useful tips on simplifying from the Kanelstrand readers. Send your unique working tips on simple living to info@kanelstrand.com. Let us simplify together!

Lisa of Plumeria Papercraft talks about the way she finds herself prone to being "tangled" into the complexities of everyday life. She says,
Whether it's "chemo brain," a bit of underlying, lingering post-traumatic stress, burnout from too many years of too much multi-tasking or a combination of all of the above, I have, at times, become more easily tangled, overstimulated and overwhelmed.

I'm working on practicing methods of untangling myself -- pausing, taking deep breaths, resting, mentally stepping back and looking at the bigger picture, trying to simplify, slow down, be mindful and work on better self-care, both physically and emotionally.
Here is Lisa's method of untangling her mind:

Life has a way of tangling our minds but what we often miss is that it also has a way of untangling them.

I find that often I end up in a similar position of being tired, overworked and generally apathetic on one level, despite of the inspiration that is flowing on the other. If I let the apathy prevail it ruins my creative work and overwhelms my emotions as well.

In similar situations, to get untangled and to "breathe in calm" I instinctively look for nature.

How about you? What tangles your mind and how do you untangle yourselves?