10 April 2013

Moving is The Closest Thing to Being Free

The Universe is my friend. It listens closely to my thoughts and whenever I am on to something really important it generously folds out its hand to me with its gift. Often it uses the hand of my husband or a close friend to award me with my next step on this journey to simplifying.

Thinking of writing about the importance of moving today I was slowly tuning into the vibe, going through reasons and benefits, reminiscing on my life full of movement and the ways it changed through times of stillness.

And then just like that, without knowing what I was researching my husband sent me this short line:

Moving is the closest thing to being free

You may have had enough of Willie and country music but my European heart still jumps at the sound of it.
Photo: photoprodigy
We are made to move and yet as the years progress, our lives become more sedentary, not only because we get older but also because of the changes in lifestyle. TV, computers, car transportation, etc. were supposed to benefit us and they do to some extent but they also harm us beyond belief.

Nowadays we spend an average of 9,3 hours a day sitting -- that is more than sleeping!

Because of our extended sitting time we should adjust our daily routines and incorporate walking or jogging. Use every opportunity to move. Look at chores like doing the dishes, cleaning and tidying up from another perspective and you will see that they are giving you the opportunity to move and keep healthy! Ironic as it may sound, your chores are making you free, so don't hate them, embrace them!

If you are not the jogging type of person (I am not either), you can simply walk. According to recent research only 15 minutes of walking a day can increase your life expectancy with 3 years. My husband and I try to walk at least 1 hour a day regardless of weather conditions.

It is important to walk on mixed terrain where you have obstacles and there is some inclination. This will engage more muscle groups while walking, which on the other hand will reduce the risks of arthritis.

Walking, especially out in nature reduces stress and anxiety, so there is practically nothing to lose. Here are 5 more benefits to walking.

Move any time you have the opportunity! Even if you think you don't have time, try to make space for moving. It should not be extreme, you don't need to be a master in sports to do it.

Moving is the closest to being free indeed. It keeps your inner mechanisms ticking in the right rhythm, it releases off endorphin to make you happy, it makes you feel alive!

Do you move as much as you would like? What do you do on days you feel you haven't moved enough?


  1. I'm definitely a sedentary one. I didn't used to be....I used to row, ride my bike every day and lift weights. I was in GREAT shape. Then I got sick, very sick and my body took a beating. Now I find it hard to just walk down the hallway. But I'd love to get back out there and move. It's a scary prospect though because everything hurts and I'm afraid of the pain. I know I need to move and walk and be active but it's hard to take that first step!

    1. Lindsey, you are in a tough place. Do you think that walking can decrease your pains eventually or they will always be there? Because if there is a positive prospect I would like to cheer you on to try and take the first step. Please, let me know!

  2. Great info-graphic, I love doing exercise, allot more than I used to :). I've printed this out so thank you.

    I joined our local gym just after christmas and I feel more alive than I ever did haha, It's amazing how it can change your energy and that.

    Sarah Midland

    1. Yes indeed, the more you move the more agile and alive you feel!

  3. Love the info!!! I do exercize 5-6 times a week, but since I moved to Europe I walk a lot more than in Mexico... maybe it's cultural, but here people go for walks with the family. The weather could also be a factor...

    1. It must be cultural indeed. I've noticed that in all countries I've visited in Europe people do walk for fun! And talking about the weather, there is a very appropriate Norwegian saying: "There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes".