24 January 2013

A Journey Out of My Comfort Zone - Day 2

I don't even know what kind of journey this will turn out to be or where it will take me. What I am sure though that trying to play the piano without any previous experience is taking me out of my comfort zone. How do I know? Because I'm scared.

But I embrace the fear and try to feel it to the fullest. I know that it is a sign of something good. It means that I am investing myself in this journey out of my comfort zone.

On Day 1 of my going out of my comfort zone Lisa suggested that I would perhaps get an instructor to help me with some basic steps about playing the piano. No. I am stepping out of my comfort zone on my own. Of course, my husband is always here to guide me and support me.

The piano I am using, a Yamaha YPT-310 has about 100 built-in songs and fantastic interactive features which allow even a beginner like me to learn by herself.

Here is how it goes. I choose a song and turn on the learning setting. The piano then shows me on its little screen which keys to press with the right hand while it is playing the left hand. Once I master the right one, I will switch to learning the left one.

Easy, right? No. Not for me.

I love the melody I chose. In the little booklet that comes with the piano it says it is a traditional song. Nothing more. But that is enough for a first step out of my comfort zone. At least I know the name.

I sit in front of the piano, shivering with excitement and fear. I have nothing to lose and my fingers are eager to follow along with the melody I've been playing for 20 minutes already. I picture myself skillful enough to press the right keys at the right moment.

It doesn't happen though. I stumble, I cannot even follow what the screen shows me.

I try again.

And again.

Step by step, chord by chord.

I cannot keep the rhythm, I keep on forgetting which key follows which.

An hour passes and my heart is beating fast. I know that to a musician this might sound like a disaster but I am so proud of myself. I can manage hitting the first five notes of the song.

I understand now why musicians need hours a day to practice. I am so engulfed by the process that I don't care about the time. I want to learn fast, I want to conquer this!

Easier said than done.

Let's see how Day 3 will go.

How about you? Do you recognize the feelings I describe? Have you felt the urge to jump-learn something that you have previously feared?

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