28 January 2013

A Journey Out of My Comfort Zone - Day 4

I sit in front of a white page trying to start this post. Writing for the whole world is an exercise in getting out of your comfort zone in itself. Let alone writing ABOUT getting out of your comfort zone. Does this make it twice as uncomfortable? Ah, it is twice as exciting.

By consciously trying to get out of my comfort zone I water and feed my creativity - a simple challenge which first step can only be planned and the outcome is bound to be a surprise.
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Playing the piano, the layman that I am, I have found a way to not only step out of my comfort zone and to accept being imperfect but also to connect with you on a deeper level and hopefully make your eyes shine, just like mine.

Rachel spoke of the beauty of stepping out of your comfort zone and how it can help other people as well. At the same time, Anabel wrote about her decision to expand her comfort zone and learn Web Design. By herself, of course. And I thought, aren't we kindred spirits! See how excitement, motivation and creativity are genuinely contagious? We are scattered around the world live in different time zones but the flame in our words bonds us and pushes us forward, up, and out!

I have to admit that I took your suggestions seriously and I am preparing to play for you all. Whatever happens, I will be playing for you tomorrow, Tuesday, January 29th. You have to be here, mark it in your calendars! I will be only playing the right hand, of course (it is so challenging that at the time being I cannot imagine how I will include the left one... ), and even so it won't be perfect but I will record it and play it as it comes, no stitching and remakes. It has to be real.

As real as it is now when I look at the piano, having played for more than an hour. After the initial excitement I am bewildered by the darts of frustration and impatience that went through my heart today. How could I allow negativity on this beautiful journey out of my comfort zone? The question still stings. Why would I not enjoy the outcome of my efforts but chose to be critical and unsatisfied?

Have you been in a similar situation? What are your thoughts?

On another note, if you have written a blog post about leaving your comfort zone and want to share it with us, please link to it and I will pin it to my Comfort Zone board on Pinterest!

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