02 January 2013

A Year of Simple Living Lies Ahead

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Well, my friends, I hope you had an unforgettable celebration of the new year! Now that the recollections of the year past are slowly melting into hopes for the year that begins it is time to seriously sit and plan the steps we are to take towards a simpler lifestyle.

Not because I am an organization freak, but rather because planning is the key to simplification. I have found out that if you are to live a simple life your goals and objectives should be clear.

It's like going from adolescence to adulthood. One day you wake up and realize that your parents are not there to take your responsibility and school is no longer your main occupation. It's the moment when you have to be totally honest with yourself and confront your fears.

To help you take the steps, one by one, without hurry and with sufficient support I have tailored a plan for you and me.

Each month in 2013 will be dedicated to a topic that will bring us closer to our simpler lives.

January will be the Get Out of Your Comfort Zone month.

We are diving straight into deep waters with this one, aren't we! But don't be afraid, together as a community we can make the process so much easier!

February will be about... wait! Why don't you tell me what you want us to discuss here and I will incorporate it into the schedule. You get a say in how we spend our months on Kanelstrand if we are going to simplify together. 

Drop me a line in the comments, let me know which aspect of simplification you have been struggling with and together we'll make a plan for all of us.

Don't be shy, I will consider your opinion even if you have never commented on Kanelstrand!

And while we're at it, have you already taken The Simple Living Pledge?