28 April 2011

How To Reduce the Waste of Water in Your Home

We have all learned in school that 70% of our planet Earth is water. But can you imagine that only 1% of this amount is drinkable and more that half of it is polluted! This leaves us with an insignificant 0,5% of drinkable water

This easy but shocking math sends shivers down my spine and makes me wonder what is it that hinders us from being responsible and caring. Let us stop wasting water today!

The following infographic shows how we normally use water at home and leads us through the steps we can take to reduce the use of water in our homes.

Home Water Conservation Infographic 
Source: eLocal.com

 How do you reduce the waste of water in your home?


  1. Thanks for this graphic. Water is such a precious commodity that often gets taken for granted. I'll share this with my boys.

  2. This is a great post! I was guilty of running the dishwasher everyday whether it was full or not. I've stopped doing that and now turn it on only if it is full...about every other day!

  3. Hello ~ just found you on Handmadeology and this is right up my alley! I'm a new follower, I'd love it if you took a peek at mine ~ http://inspiration-earth.blogspot.com/
    Have a fabulous day! :)

  4. Great tips - we all need to work at this together:)

  5. Yes, we all need to re-think our actions and adjust them if it is necessary. Living egoistically actually hurts us.
    Thank you for the feedback, ladies!

  6. insightful read. thanks for sharing with us. i didn't know there are fixtures which can help reduce water consumption. time for research!

  7. I've always tried to reduce use of everything around my house -- but my kids are really trying me with this one. I just got a "water pebble" for their shower. It will flash a light when they are 1/2 way done & I'm going to set it to my shower usage. Hopefully, it will warn them when they've showered "enough" and they will take the hint and get out. My banging on the door hasn't been going over so well. (I'm sure I never showered that much as a teenager....)

  8. I had to laugh Tamdoll because I had the same issue, especially with my youngest. My solution? I bought an egg timer, it's set outside the shower (far enough away so that they can't reach it from the stall) and when it goes off they have to get out and manually shut off that annoying buzzer!! It works, and they got in the habit of shorter showers and now only need it when they lapse! ;)

  9. Tamdoll and Simply Smitten, it looks like water wasting correlates directly with young children :) Thank you so much for sharing the "gadgets" you have come up!

    If only the inventor of the egg timer knew to what heights his invention would be taken!

  10. Great information! Just think if everyone would do their fair share.

  11. what a GREAT post! the two loads of laundry per week is a little steep for me tho... if i don't do atleast two per day... i get behind. LOL. i do try to implement elsewhere tho =)

    following via the Etsy Blog Team post.

    -kristanlynn @ adelynSTONE