08 April 2011

It's hip to be hippie

Have you noticed how fashion moves in cycles? I mean, literally, it does go round and round through the same stages, trends and waves every 20 years or so. Just like the very informative quality blocks on History Channel that are repeated every 8 hours. The only difference is that unlike History Channel, fashion is being followed by everyone.

It is possible that the cyclic nature of fashion has to do with the human forgetfulness or every generation's natural need to follow the exact same stages of psychological and emotional development, despite of our belief that we are different than those before us, and therefore unique.

Take for example the hippie movement that bloomed in the 70s. I remember its revival in the 90s, when the trendiest accessory was the peace sign. Now, some 20 years later, the hippies are back in fashion and that is just great because together with clothes and accessories they bring so much more, like that sunny feel of freedom, leisureliness, social responsibility, care for the environment and most of all - homemade!

Take a look at the Spring/Summer 2011 fashion trends and you will agree. Gorgeous granny square bag and macramé dress at Ferragamo, Spring/Summer 11 and another macramé dress and bag with boho fringing at Roberto Cavalli, Spring/Summer 11. Can you feel the light summer breeze already?


I bet you are curious how Etsy is handling the trends this spring, and rest assured - you will find all the fashion articles you need to be hip! Crochet, knit, patchwork, macramé, you name it, the creative community of independent artists is already hippie enough to give you the look!

1. Summer 2011 Miss White Cream Bikini Crochet Handmade Hippie Style by eleonoraesposito.
2. Offwhite-brown hippie hoodie by OrawanCrochet.
3. One of a kind Dream Coat by Enlightened Platypus.
4. Macrame Shield Necklace by sylversue.
5. Circular Fringe Vest-Ombre by LoveandKnit.
6. Handmade Organic Bracelet - Tribal Vibe Alaba by Kanelstrand.
7. Dancing Queen Macrame knitted dress by Uniquastudio.


  1. Yes, I love the trend personally. I've even seen a crotched wedding dress around recently.

  2. Love the Boho hippie look. Great finds.

  3. I love this trend as well. I've been looking for the right crochet dress to get on Etsy. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I was part of the original movement. Always liked the comfortable fashion of it, so am glad to see it re-emerge.

  5. I always loved the crochet dresses and vests. Your beautiful bracelet fits right in with the look!

  6. I myself love not only the hippie look but the overall philosophy of the movement, I think it is pretty close to what we are trying to achieve nowadays through handmade and eco-friendly.

    FabricFascination, I am curious about your experience as an original hippie.

  7. the hippie movement can be quite alluring, but i don't think i can pull this off! though i have some pieces which i wear occasionally :)

  8. bre, I guess the most important is to have fun wearing a piece of clothing or accessory. :)