29 April 2011

The Royal Wedding - YouTube Edition

For months Prince William and Catherine Middleton's wedding has been the main focus of interest in the media. Now we are only a few hours from the great event and maybe it is the right time to talk about reducing (energy, costs, etc.) but I am sure the young couple know enough about that. Did you know that William and Kate have created a charitable gift fund to help celebrate their wedding?

They have chosen to support five causes, which reflect the experiences, passions and values of their lives so far. Having been touched by the goodwill shown to them since their engagement, they have asked that anyone wishing to send them a wedding gift do so in the form of a donation to the fund.

You can also follow the charitable couple's wedding live on The Royal Channel in YouTube where you can even upload a video message to the bride and groom.


Are you already camping in front of Buckingham Palace? Will you watch the wedding live, on TV, or in YouTube?


  1. following you on GFC from etsy!


  2. I'm a hopeless romantic and will watch it live!

  3. Now that the official ceremony is over, I can say - lovely dress and exquisite style of the whole wedding!

  4. I watched snippets on tv!

    I found you on ebt and your blog is gorgeous and so clean! I love it. :)


  5. I didn't watch it at all... :)