04 April 2011

Handmade Norway

Some weeks ago I posted about the competition that is shaking the Norwegian blogosphere at the moment, it is called HÃ¥ndlaga 2011 and is the place where items by basically all handy and crafty people in Norway turned out to be nominated by customers, fans or friends.

There are several categories in the competition, and you can check the nominated pieces: Jewelry, Accessories, Redesign, For the Home, Children, Pictures, etc.

Several of my items were nominated as well, but this dreamy picture of mine made it to the final nomination. Now there are 10 pictures that are on the run to become Norway's best according to the Handmade society. The winner will be chosen based on the votes he/she receives so I am strongly counting on you to help me win this competition!

Photo: Kanelstrand

Voting is totally easy although the site is in Norwegian. Just follow this link, and scroll down until you get under the 10th picture. There you will see a micropoll square where the 10 nominated pictures are listed. Mine is No. 9. and it is called Midgard. Just click on the dial before it and then click on VOTE. As simple as that! Voting stops on April 12th, so hurry, hurry, hurry and vote!

Thank you and keep your fingers clicks crossed!

P.S. If you like my photo and have a Flickr account, come join me there as well!

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