18 March 2011

Creative Competition

An interesting and creative competition is going on right now in the Norwegian handmade blog world, and more precisely on Håndlaga 2011, where you can nominate your own work or the works of other people you admire in several different categories like Jewelry, Clothes, Redesign, Accessories, Pictures, etc.

Nomination takes place between February 25th and March 18th. You have to enter a comment with a link to the product you wish to nominate and write who created it.

A panel of judges will review all nominations and pick ten finalists in each category. The finalists will be announced in the blog on 30th March, when the voting begins! Anyone can vote.

Voting is open until 12th April, and the winners will be announced on  14th April, There are really nice prizes, as promised by Håndlaga creators.

I have got five nominations. The first one is my Freya Impressus bracelet, which you can buy on etsy. It is competing in the Jewelry category.

Photo: Kanelstrand

The second nomination is the lovely felted desktop bowl, called Furulunden Elf.

Photo: Kanelstrand

The third nomination is my photograph-painting Midgard.

Photo: Kanelstrand

The fourth one is my cabled cardigan, knitted from pure Icelandic Álafoss Lopi.

Photo: Kanelstrand

And the fourth nomination is for my Strawberry hat.

Photo: Kanelstrand

Well, wish me luck and drop by on the Håndlaga 2011 blog to vote!

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