29 March 2013

Seasons in Scandinavia: March in Norway

March came to Norway as capricious as I've always known it. It snowed and rained, and blew and hissed through the naked branches. I kept seeing spring photos from around the world. But spring still hasn't come to Norway. Today I went for a walk on the beach. Oops, I meant on the ice. It is still deeply frozen and it seems like the whole town is hiking along. People with bicycles along with skiers and dog walkers, and kid walkers and fishermen. It is so lively on the ice, like it is the most natural place to hang out right now.

So, hang out with me on our March ocean (yup, ocean, not lake) ice.

The white snow seems to enhance the ensemble of colors on this house.
The fjord is so long and we are right at its end. The sea, even in winter is as calm as a frozen lake.
No boats until spring. Instead, a lot of footsteps on the sea ice.
A red boat and a red ouse in the distance. The perfect combination to warm your blue winter day.
On a sunny day you can find people sunbathing all over the ice.
Skiing on the sea ice between islands and walking your dog? Sure!

I hope the fisherman has luck, look, he has started a second whole in the ice, I am sure his boys are impatient already.
The most whimsical of post boxes. Wouldn't you gladly live in it?
Although our March is cold at least it is sunny, so our spirits are high.

How about you? How has your March been? Let us know in the comments.


  1. Thank you for sharing your beautiful March views of the icy sea! Of course, it all seems novel and wonderful to me since here where I live the sea looks much different. Our March has fluctuated between cool and warm, foggy and sunny, windy and still. Regardless of whether there's a brisk breeze or the warmth of the sun in the air, the Spring blessings of buds and blooms abound! Wishing you a beautiful Spring when it arrives in Norway...

    1. Thank you, Lisa, I hope Spring gets around here sooner, so we get to feel at least a bit like you :)

  2. Ah - beautiful! The temperature may not have changed yet, but the sunlight has certainly shifted to the bright, clear direct light of spring.

    Boston remains bitter and brown!

    1. I am sending you some sun, so Boston gets bright and cheerful!

  3. Oh gorgeous photos Sonya! I always think we Canadians have a long winter! We are in short sleeves...it's about 17 degrees this Easter weekend here in Vancouver.

    Your is a nation of people who know the benefits of spending time outdoors!

    Yes, I would completely move into the birdhouse...it's so cozy looking!

    1. Short sleeves? Ah, how wonderful! I hope we get there soon! Yes, Norwegians live in peace with nature and can feel its rhythm and enjoy it in all seasons. You may have heard the Norwegian saying "There's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing".

      That birdhouse is in fact a post box! Imagine that!

  4. Fun photos! Norway looks really beautiful with snow and ice. We had a super cold March this year too, with lots of snow, rain, wind, and gloomy days. I really can't wait for it to warm up and act like Spring.
    Everyday Inspired

  5. Hi Sonya - You cant be much further down the fjord then what we are during the summer!
    Love the photos! Spring is just around the corner!
    Love the post box.
    All the best

  6. I love the wooden horses on the first image... it looks like a powerful talisman, out of a fairy tale.
    Your March was beautiful. Thank you for opening these little windows into iced-over Norway! I don't tire of them. :)