04 March 2013

Why I Bake My Own Bread

When we first met, my husband didn't even dream of me baking bread. I was that busy young woman too high in the professional hierarchy for my age that no one could picture wearing an apron.

The truth is that I was brought up by my mother and grandmother to respect slow food and cooking from scratch. In fact, I don't remember eating any processed or fast food well until my 20s.

My fascination with bread baking has always been active but although I spent long hours by my mother's side in the kitchen I never really felt myself ready to knead until I moved away from home.

For me, the pride to produce something as basic and as important as bread is incomparable to anything. But there is more to baking bread at home than ego. Kneading the dough by hand one transports her thoughts and emotions to the bread, making positivity and inspiration contagious. With this comes also a great responsibility -- to actually be positive while baking, to handle the dough lovingly, with warmth and care. Such a wonderful exercise for the spirit, don't you think?

Now is the time to mention that I don't use a bread machine exactly because I want to keep the connection with bread. I want to feed my family straight from my heart and I cannot let a machine do my job.

I have been baking my own bread for more than 10 years now and to those of you who have been afraid to try I can say, go ahead! I wont lie to you and say it is simple. But it is extremely satisfying and de-stressing.

Maybe your first loaf will not be perfect. You might even ruin it but taking the first step will open up a new road for you that is not only leading you to better health but to a whole universe of new knowledge and possibility to communicate with your inner self.

Stay tuned for some outstanding bread recipes that I will be sharing this month.

Now it's your turn - do you bake bread? How was your first time? Do you prefer a bread machine or your own bare hands?

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