30 October 2012

Seasons in Scandinavia: October in Norway

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October is a fiery month in Norway. The trees are brightly lit in the warm colors of the sunset and hay is being gathered quietly. The graceful magpies seem to become the only birds playing around in the yellow leaves. Apples are abundant and elks drop by in people's gardens to feast on them.

I seem to find more and more reasons to go out and photograph that most fleeting of seasons and the momentary colors of its dress. I wish I could keep the warmth of the stunning colors to make it through the cold winter. 

iron bridge in Sandvika, Norway
This iron bridge was painted by Claude Monet in 1895 in his painting "Sandvika, Norway"

heavenly skies in Norway
The skies are heavenly in October, probably because the reflect the beauty underneath.

birches in the wind
High winds and bleak skies happen too, though I try to avoid them.
barn and field
Idyllic view enhanced by the low sun.

bright yellow autumn leaves
The leaves seem to emit light!

Cracket chestnut on the tree
Wild chestnuts bring me back to my childhood years when we used to make tiny dolls with them.

red apples on a tree in Norway
Tasty red apples are usually left to rot under the trees.

autumn tree against the sky
I could watch this for hours. Look at the way the colors on the tree melt into one another!

How are you celebrating autumn?