24 October 2012

In my Studio

I walk through the woods. Yellow leaves above, brown leaves below. No wind or clouds in the sky, just the sound of ruffling foliage under the soles of my autumn shoes; the swish of my waterproof jacket on each step. I put it on just in case. Because in Norway you never know. My jacket's light green color is the one missing in the scenery and I seem to become a key element in the painting. If there was a painter somewhere around trying to capture the last colorful days of autumn.

I come back home to an unfinished artwork. I hardly ever talk about my digital photography process even in real life because it is very personal; harder to describe than anything I've posted for you on this blog.

But today I start a new tradition - exercise in fearlessness.

Have you seen these photos I made earlier this year?
You can now buy not just a fine art print of this original photo but also an art necklace!

View this image in different print sizes here.

Get a tilted house print or pendant

To be able to print them as large as 50x50 inches and keep the high quality of the image I need a really large sky. And that is why most often my work starts with creating large digital canvases of skies.

I am fascinated with the sky, the form of the clouds and the colors they reflect at sunset and I have taken countless numbers of sky photos. But one photo is not enough, I take two one above the other like this:

And later stitch them in GIMP (which is absolutely free and fabulous) to get a massive background like this one.

Autumn clouds above Oslo

Imagine that view as a 50x55 canvas on your wall, it can easily substitute a window!

If you fancy having a never ending sunset on your wall, feel free to browse the sky category in my Fine Art America shop.

In the meantime, I will be working on adding a little more to that image. You know, something in the style of any of the above photos.

I am curious to learn though, how you envision this artwork yet unborn. What would you personally add to it to make it a unique work of art? Who knows, you might get the credit for my next project!