13 October 2012

Weekend DIY: Candy Boxes For Halloween - Free Printable

This post is written by contributing authors Vivid Please.

We're Vivid Please and we're super excited to be hanging out with you on Kanelstrand's blog today! And what a treat we have in store for you too :)

Halloween is almost here. In preparation of the best holiday of the season, we've created these awesome candy boxes for you to make at home and hand out to those cheeky trick or treaters. Not only are they super cute, but being able to make them at home means you'll be able to make as many or few as required, and you'll be saving lots of money which can go towards spiders you can stick on your halloween costume. Hooray!

So, who have we here? Frankenstein and his wifey of course! We all love a good theme for halloween, and we couldn't resist making one of these for boys and one for girls {or should we say ghouls!}, so we went with horrors favorite couple. We made them a little more child friendly, but they still look killer! 

All you need to do is download our templates below and print it out on some thick paper. We've provided both pdfs and jpgs, so just download whichever you prefer. These templates take up on A4 sheet each. 

You'll also need scissors, a ruler, double sided tape or pritt stick and lots of candy to pop inside!


Ok, so once you've downloaded the template and printed it out, use your scissors and cut out both Frankie and his missus as shown above. On the templates, cut the solid lines and fold the dotted lines. Make sure not to chop off those long rectangular tabs on the top of their heads as you will need them to create the awesome milk-carton shape. Without these you can still make boxes, only they're a little less fun. 

Once that's done, you need to fold where all the dotted lines are. As you can see from the picture, I've used the ruler to help me fold the straight lines and give them good creases. To do the same, lie your box template down {you should be looking at the white background} then use the ruler to help you fold the sections by folding them towards you.

Once you've folded everything it will look more like a rectangular box! Then put your tape or glue on the small flap. This will be hidden inside the box and will hold it altogether. Lovely!

To do the base, point your two triangular pieces together and put glue or tape over the tops. When you fold the two rectangular shapes over them, they will seal shut. How neat and tidy!

Fill the boxes with candy, eyeballs and lots of spooky treats and seal them shut! Do this by squeezing together the two rectangular shapes at the top and glue together the thin flap. It should look just like a milk carton, only waaaaay cooler :)

Crikey! Don't they look amazing? Paired up with your giant space invaders piƱata and fill each with a sugar skull brooch and you're going to have yourself one heck of a party! All you need is some little monsters to keep you company... and they'll probably never want to go home!

We hope you like our free printable boxes and we hope you have a lot of fun this halloween...

Happy Holidays!

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  1. Thanks for these! I'll be sharing on All Things Paper.

  2. How cute, and what a great idea for sharing candy with little ones. Thanks for sharing.
    Everyday Inspired

  3. So cute! And I love Vivid Please!

  4. Thanks so much everyone! So delighted to hear all your comments :D

  5. SO dang cute!!! I pinned this post before I even scrolled down! Love it. Thanks for the free printables, Vivid Please. =0)

  6. Ha! They're pretty funny. Frankenstein looks particularly spooked :)

  7. I suppose if you planned ahead, you could save half gallon milk cartons and decorate those. I cut them apart and fold them flat to create CD envelopes but they would make great containers for candy too. I don't get that many trick or treaters so I could get away with saving mine for a few months ahead of time. These would be awesome for a party though. I'll save the printable link.
    Susie Wilburn