03 October 2012

Miri Textiles Giveaway

My grandma taught me that a lady should always use a scarf to compliment her outfit and to show that she is stylish. Although in the past I haven't always followed her advice I still remember it and nowadays I find myself wearing a scarf more often than not. So you can imagine how excited I am today to be able to share with you the work of a mystical woman who not only knows textiles but is passionately in love with them.  Please meet Beth McCormack of Miri Textiles.
"Packages arrive at my home several times a week in mysterious cloth wrappers with exotic writing and stamps that should be framed. Inside are these beautiful fabrics. The boy looks on worriedly while I rip them into shapes. I sit in my studio (living room couch and coffee table) and hem them on my precious serger. It's soooooo peaceful and zen-like. When I'm done, I show them to the boy for his critique."

That is how life goes in Beth McCormack's home. She is seriously obsessed with textiles. The mere contact with them opens up a whole new path back to the weaver, artist, community, and culture they came from.

Beth is truly a sustainable crafter. She creates scarves from vintage repurposed silk saris that carry the memories and wisdom of Indian women. And today she has one for you - a luxurious $30 scarf! You know what I love about it? It's orange! It's beaded! It's bohemian!

Silk scarf, indian sari, orange beaded shawl, awesome as a sarong or beach wrap
Isn't that the perfect color for autumn!

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