02 August 2012

The Banana Beauty and the Girl

Imagine a tiny, short-haired girl. Her eyes look bigger than life because her eyeglasses are too thick. The dark brown frames leave a thick white mark on her nose and cheeks during the summer while the rest of her face grows darker in the sun. She loves to read. If you ask her what she'd like to become when she grows older she'd shyly answer: "A poet". At 6 she's already written her first poem.

This girl is dreaming of a life in writing and considers the pictures in her books as her possessions. She often wonders how the illustrator managed to draw the exact same toys she owns. It will take her years to realize she never had them, only played with them in her mind, while flipping the pages. 
That is exactly how the girl looked at the age of 6.

You will find this girl sitting quietly on the top while everyone else is sleighing downhill in the snow. She's pondering if being famous is better than being an honest nobody. Funny how she's defined the opposition at the age of 6.

She thinks that writing a book is the most extraordinary achievement in life, one she can never accomplish because, let's face it, extraordinary things happen to other people. 

Well, this girl was wrong.

28 years later she quietly started this blog, never suspecting the impact it will have on her and her readers. At the end of her first year of blogging she quietly put an image on the top of the right sidebar, saying Banana Beauty - 7 days to better skin and hair.

Her first book. 

It hurried to life unexpectedly, while she was busy making other plans. But the book's spring to life couldn't have been more natural either. This girl had invested hours, days, months into learning how to live green, how to take care of her body with respect and without toxic ingredients. She spent days guiding her readers to the same philosophy and sharing tips about using fruit on the skin and hair.

The hundreds of thousands of visitors agreed that her methods were working.

And so, the book was born. Do you want to flip through its pages? Here is a preview:

Quietly hundreds of readers started purchasing it.

Quietly (and gratefully) she stared in awe of the miracle of Internet and its ability to connect people hungry for knowledge.

Today this girl wants to share her first book with you.

Read more about the magic you will find inside.

This book will save you tons of money from beauty treatments. And it will leave your skin and hair clean, healthy and joyful, I promise.

Purchase it on Etsy.

Thank you for bringing out the best in me.

Tomorrow one of you who commented under this post will be chosen to win a copy of Banana Beauty!

edit: Congratulations to Gigi (commenter number 5), who won a copy of Banana Beauty!