13 August 2012

Simple Poetry: I Wonder Which is Louder

The forest, the beach, the songs of birds, the waves and the wind. You've read those words so often on this blog. You know they are the road signs of my inspiration. Bright, big and flashy. Burning red. Calming yellow. They show me the way, or whisper directions in my ear. I don't mind either method.

As long as I have my eyes open and my ears can hear I will be welcoming you on my journeys of simplicity.

Photo: kanelstrand

It is time for yet another simple pleasure of life - one that has been with me for all my conscious existence - poetry.

If you cannot write poetry, you should try - without hesitation or judgment.

If you are writing poetry, please share it with us in the comments.

For poetry should not remain hidden. It is a universal form of connection with other minds. It is a way to understand our emotions and to find our place in the world. Poetry is beneficial to our inner peace. It is an act of peace in itself.

Let us create together the world we want to inhabit.

Here is a glimpse into mine:

I wonder which is louder
the forest, or the ocean;
for both are green and restless
and are in constant motion.

the ocean has the songs
that mesmerize the sailor
of fish and mermaids blond
which push him to the border.

the forest moves its needles
like fingers on a keyboard
and in the ears of squirrels
it plays the gentlest chord,

the birds with beaks of magic
throw feathers like a curtain,
with threads of sound and frolic
entwine the forest and the ocean.

Now it's time for you to show me yours.