28 August 2012

Simple Style: No-Heat Curls

This post is written by contributing author Paige Ronchetti.
This is the coolest thing I've tried in a while. We all know that heat damages our hair, so we try to avoid it. But what if we want curly hair for a special occasion? Foam rollers don't work that well (for me, anyway) and pin curls are the most time-consuming thing in the known universe. So what's a gal to do?

Curl your hair with a headband!

no-heat curls

I heard about this idea last week and was blown away by how easy it is. Three steps, that's all!

I left my headband on for a few hours, and then gently tugged it free. I used a regular brush to comb it out (because it will look really weird when you first unwrap it) and spritzed a bit of hairspray to keep things in place. That's it! Think about how much work pin curls and foam rollers are in comparison. Headbands for the win!

Bonus fourth step: enjoying your easy new trick.

How do you curl your hair? Have you tried this headband method?

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