24 August 2012

How a Solo Vacation Can Light Your Fire

The pen sits comfortably in my hand and yet my handwriting is wobbly. But not because I haven't written in a real notebook for ages. I woke up at dawn to catch a bus that will take me on a long, 7-hour journey to the seaside of my childhood.

Things have been changing in the past 20 years but somehow I have stubbornly failed to notice. I am touring a country that now exists only in my childhood memories. So, writing on a notebook with a pen is the most appropriate way to document my thoughts. Computers and childhood memories don't go well together.

Spending 2 weeks with family is quite exhilarating but only now, at the first step of my journey alone I can hear my thoughts.

Photo: kanelstrand

Have you taken a solo vacation?
Or have you ever spent a single day deliberately enjoying your own company? You should! Especially if you're afraid of it. Your fear is a sign that there is much to be explored. If you love company, make a change - go out alone! Challenge your prejudices and habits and set out on a date with that part of you that you've been systematically neglecting.

Take it slow
Being on your own will let you get out of the comfortable routine of always being surrounded by people. Once in the stormy sea of the unknown you will feel unexpected delight. Even if you can only afford a day, make it worth - walk slowly, notice the details, listen to your thoughts and write them down. They will feel flattered and will repay you with creativity.

Remember to Š°bsorb every little detail along the way. Try to be present in the moment and to appreciate all sounds, aromas, or anything that comes along. Not all will be perfectly set but remember, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". If you are positive you will be able to see the beauty around. Forget your daily woes and concentrate on the moment, be it just climbing a tree or looking at a floating leaf. These are simple pleasures that will talk to your soul.

Make it a routine
Try to spend a deliberate solo vacation once a year. It is not necessary to be a full-fledged two-week luxury vacation. It can be a few days, or even just one. The point is to give your mind space and tranquility and to start following its rhythm. And you will be enchanted by the results, I promise.

Me? My fire is lit, even though I am still on my first day. My creative juices are flowing and I am impatient to see what follows. I am grateful to my husband who almost forced me to go on a solo vacation and proved yet again that he is my guiding light.

How about you? Would you take the solo vacation step?