09 June 2012

Weekend DIY: Moustaches

What's with all the moustaches lately? I've been seeing them on glasses, baby bibs, nails and even on women's faces. Seriously, someone has to explain because I feel like I'm missing something huge.

I am not exactly fond of moustaches but today I thought I'd share with you some inspiring and crazy crafty ideas. After all, Father's Day is quite near and who knows maybe your father needs one?

Here is a tiny little moustache duo for the card you are surely preparing.

Moustache stamps by Skull and Cross Buns
 You can of course always revert to the savvy side of all males by offering a stylish piggy bank. Being a decal, you can stick this moustache virtually anywhere you'd like.

DIY decal sticker by Me and my 3 boys

How about this 100% Italian cotton cushion cover painted with a handlebar moustache motif? Such a fashionable color, isn't it?

Moustache pillow cover by Bluebells and bunting

And finally, why don't we all help ourselves and get a moustache + beard!  Practicing can start as early as toddler age. You can get a pattern for crocheting this yourself here.

Kids ultimate BB by Burly beard co.
So, what do you think of the moustache?


  1. I don't "get" the craze either Sonya, but these are really cute ideas!

  2. Love these ideas!!! and it´s true, they´re everywere!

  3. Moustaches are awesome! :P I really like everything you featured. <3

  4. Very Cute! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hi, Just a thank you for featuring my cushion cover :) You have a great blog.

    1. Proud to be able to feature your talent! Keep up the great work!