13 June 2012

Eco-friendly Father's Day Gifts

Father's day is just round the corner and if you still haven't prepared, here are a few original eco-friendly suggestions by the amazing pool of international talent on etsy.

SignatureShirts have prepared a cool Tshirt for the new dad. Irresistible, isn't it!

The grey streak continues in choosing a trendy pendant by OneLoomStudio, shimmering with light, and full of movement,meant to capture the flicker of flames reflected in water. It's created by layering textured pieces of silver together.

You can always share a nice cup of tea with your dad and relax in the quiet afternoon hours together. This organic loose leaf blend by HappyEarthTea is fragrant with a pleasant briskness that is balanced by sweet floral-fruity notes. It enlivens in a deep subtle kind of way.

To help you reach out to your ever-working father, RedorGrayArt has a beautifully natural desk accessory that will take him back to his own childhood out in the woods.
How about an organic cotton soy blend long sleeve shirt all the way from Hawaii and the amazing SouleRole? At first glance you might call this a basic long sleeve crew neck shirt.... but you'd be wrong. This shirt is anything but basic! The fabric is incredibly soft and comfortable. It looks great with jeans and a blazer for a night out or throw on your workout pants and get sweaty!

KCsGlass have these amazing money clips that are in fact artistically inlayed salmon shapes into sustainably harvested trees. You can choose from Lacewood, Birdseye Maple, Oak or Walnut.

In other words, there are so many options to choose from, that are not only fascinating but also eco-friendly. 

Which one is your favorite?