19 November 2011

Weekend DIY: Creative Christmas Garlands

We are almost a month away from Christmas and I already hear Christmas bells, don't you? Today I have compiled a set of amazing garland DIYs to make your house festive and stylish.

Don't you just love them? I am having a hard time choosing which one I should make this Christmas, because I like felt and paper, and light, and pine cones... You see? My decision is a tough one.

* * * * * 

1. If you live in a pine forest like me, you can just go out and pick the pine cones for the first project. This garland is fast and easy to make and you can choose whether to paint the pine cones or not. I would go with the their natural colors though. 

You can find the pine cone garland tutorial on the Two Shades of Pink blog.

* * * * *  

2. The following garland is not only colorful but bright as well. It will create a lovely cozy atmosphere wherever you hang it because of the lights hidden in each pyramid!

Read the tutorial for the lighted paper pennant garland on the OnceWed blog.

* * * * *  

3. Another amazing paper and light garland, this time with an eco-friendly twist. You can re-use clean paper cups to make these wonderful bell-like lights! To tell you the truth, looking at this garland makes me feel like I am in a fairy tale.
Head on to the Hey Gorgeous blog, to read the dixie cup garland tutorial and to see the awesome photos!

* * * * *  

4. How about a playful mirror-garland? You only need some mirror pieces and lights!

To see how it is done, follow the winter sparkle garland tutorial on Apartment Therapy.

* * * * * 

5. And the last one is yet another favorite! As a felting fan I find it hard not to mention a felted garland. You can have lots of fun making those tiny colorful balls, and even better - little hands can be of great help!

Read the felt ball garland tutorial on the My Sparkle blog.

Happy crafting!