17 November 2011

Must Have Chunky Scarves for the Winter

Whether or not this winter is going to be cold, a scarf is a must have. It is a fashionable accessory which accentuates your outfit and shows your style. A big colorful chunky scarf is hip right now, and so much the better if it is knitted out of natural yarn.

If you are not in the mood for knitting you can simply drop by at etsy and choose from a myriad of amazing crafters. Here are my choices.

The Aztec chevron chunky cowl is impressive with its angles.

The Roycroft cowl is versatile and on sale! It also features handmade buttons.

The Macintosh Soopa Scarf has a deep cranberry color and is 8 feet long and 8 inches wide.

The New and Improved Yonni cowl  will blow your mind with an intricate pattern and warmth.

The Infinity Fur Cowl is stylish and chick and is embellished with trim and rhinestones. You can wear it as a wrap or scarf.

The Softspoken Chunky Cowl is crocheted in a ribbed stitch that is definitely suited to keep you warm as ever!

Have a warm winter!