16 November 2011

EcoChi Giveaway

My home is my castle. And as such I strive to make it the best place for me and my family not only by keeping it clean and cozy but also through colors, shapes and smells. Scientific and mathematical studies dating back to ancient times have proved that the space around is is an integral part of who we are, how we feel and it influences the choices we make.

Knowing this I was excited to receive two autographed copies of EcoChi: Designing the Human Experience - an amazing book by Debra Duneier, the creator of the EcoChi Design System, who is also a certified eco-designer. Read carefully because this will rock your eco-friendly souls. Debra has created EcoChi based on three very basic ideas:

  • feng shui 
  • green and sustainable living 
  • environmental psychology

This book talks about something more than design and materials because how people feel in their space is much more important. After reading it in a breath, I am now sure that our home needs attention and love. Just like a human being it has a life - it breathes, it has bones, it contains and activates our senses. By opening your doors to nature and embracing serenity, the EcoChi system can start working for you and help you attract harmony, health and happiness while being environmentally friendly! Debra demonstrates how to design your home in a way that will support you in achieving abundance in all areas of your personal and professional life.

To give you a taste of this trove of spiritual advice, here is a link to the first chapter of the book.

Debra Duneier currently sits on the advisory board of the Sarut Group which includes Pylones USA and The Tea and Honey Store. She is a member of the US Green Building Council, Women Builders Council, the Real Estate Board of New York, the Retail Marketing Society, the American Management Association's Sales and Marketing Council, the International Feng Shui Guild, The Green Finance Committee of the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce and is a founding member of the Women's Leadership Exchange's LEXCI and the Belizean Grove. 

Starting today, my earth-conscious friends, two of you will have the chance to win the hard covered, eco-friendly, 4-color, autographed book titled EcoChi: Designing the Human Experience by Debra Duneier, and will have the opportunity to completely redesign their homes and lives!

After enjoying the book immensely, I can only wish you good luck and tell you: 
You have the power to design your life!

To enter the giveaway you only need to follow the Rafflecopter widget. In bold are the two mandatory entries you have to complete in order to enter this giveaway. If you only complete one of them you will not be eligible to win. To increase your chances of winning, go ahead and complete all of them!

Good luck!

Images courtesy of EcoChi.


  1. Thanks for another wonderful giveaway! I blogged about my prize today;)!

  2. I can definitely see how your surroundings can affect you! When my family and I come home after a day out, we all agree that just stepping through the door makes us relax. I think that turning your space into a place you love to be is fantastic!

    Good luck to everyone entering the giveaway!

  3. this is wonderful ...love meeting new people !!

  4. Yeah!! I never win contests!! Thank you Thank you, cant wait to read this!

  5. I am so excited to be a winner and I cannot wait to read this book! It is appropriate that today is Thanksgiving Day here in the US, because I am so thankful to receive this gift! Thankyou, Sonya!