23 November 2011

Larson Farm Giveaway

Wouldn't you just love to receive a handmade Christmas present this year? One that will surely be safe for you and will be made with love? I know I would, and that is why today I am hosting a giveaway for the amazing Debbie of Larson Farm Naturals.

Not long ago you all fell in love with Debbie and her lifestyle, while reading her interview in A Portrait of the Artist and I know why - good, crafty people, who invest their soul into their work can be sensed from afar. Their positive drive seems to spring out of the words on the screen and infect the readers so much that they want more and more. And because YOU wanted more, today Debbie is giving you a chance to win a Holiday Collection gift box containing 4 amazing soaps!

No store bought soap can ever compare to the traditional cold process soaps made by Debbie. Olive, Coconut and Palm oils start out her soaps for a wonderful balance of emollients, vitamins and antioxidants. The extra Shea Butter lends to the soaps' super creamy appearance and texture. With each bar you get luxurious moisture for your skin with every use!

Do you know how much I want to enter this giveaway? Don't ask!

Now imagine a crisp clear winter day - the smell of the air after a fresh snow fall, the quiet breathing of the clouds and the hushed ruffle of feathery wings.

Combine that with the scent of pine. Can you already see tall pines covered in snow? Imagine yourself walking through the pine forest back home after a busy day in the snow.

And now, right when you enter your warm home, the woodsy scents still clinging to your clothes you will be met by the sweet smell of sugar plums. A favorite of your kids.

And something more to top the experience - peppermint stick. Isn't that the trademark of Christmas smells?

Now open your eyes. Here is the hard truth. You can actually have all 4 of these amazing soaps. Debbie has made them for you and your Christmas. I am sure everyone in the family will love them but I really doubt you will want to share them!

To enter the giveaway you only need to follow the Rafflecopter widget. In bold are the two mandatory entries you have to complete in order to enter this giveaway. If you only complete one of them you will not be eligible to win. To increase your chances of winning, go ahead and complete all of them!
Good luck!


  1. They look so beautiful! And after that pretty descriptive introduction I can almost smell them!

    Great give-away, once again.

  2. Awesome! Good luck to everyone entering!

  3. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.
    Sue B

  4. Awesome .. good luck to everyone!

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  6. The best way to pamper self, my mom and my granny this Christmas ^_^

  7. This is great , thank you ! Happy Holidays , love the fact they are natural .

  8. wow they are great!!
    god bless!!

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  9. Awesome prizes :)
    thank you for the giveaway.