03 November 2012

Weekend DIY: Fall Fabric Wall Art

This post is written by contributing author Angela Hamilton.  

Welcome to November. It's hard to believe we are entering the holiday season. If you haven't spruced up a cozy space for the upcoming months ahead, now is a good time. I'll admit my walls show no sign of autumn, but with Thanksgiving, moving, and crafty evenings on my mind, I came up with this DIY wall (or shelf) framed artwork.
This is such a simple craft that it would make a great activity with the family. If you want to make your own version, you'll need:

  • Three pieces of scrap fabric for the hearts
  • An old or thrifted photo frame, mine is 5x7"
  • A piece of card stock
  • 1 real leaf to press into the frame
  • Some glue and scissors

I turned these old fabric place mats into my wall art. There are enough here for multiple hearts.

These are about 1.5" size hearts. I think my next move will be finding a frame large enough for hearts the size of maple leaves! All you do is add a dab of glue to each and adhere to a piece of card stock, along with your leaf, and slide it in!

I had a blast going out to find the perfect sized leaf... there were so many colors and shapes all over my back porch to choose from. It's a great excuse to get yourself out on that fall walk this weekend. 

What are your favorite autumn crafts? Share with us in the comments.

Angela Hamilton is a writer and crafter from the Pacific Northwest, and a recent college graduate who blogs about creativity, her adventures alongside her Nikon, and her thrift-shopping, list-making lifestyle. She is currently striving to find a balance between working full-time in an office and following those distant dreams of writing and making things every single day. Her blog is Garden & Sea, and she runs both a vintage shop  and a crochet shop on Etsy. Connect with Angela on Twitter.

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