06 November 2012

The Kanelstrand Holiday Season

So here I am, November, a little cold because of your breath, a little less colorful but still keeping the summer warmth on our cheeks.

Every day I cross off you takes me closer to Christmas and Christmas is a holiday I respect and I used to love before consumerism. Every year Christmas looses a bit more of its charm for the sake of big corporations' financial stability.

I grew to hate Christmas outside my home because what I see is not what I feel anymore. Last year on Black Friday I told I was honoring Buy Nothing day instead. The reason is no secret, I am sick of the crowds in the shopping centers frantically buying anything they see.

Christmas is supposed to hold different values than the one that has to do with money. It is so ironic that this specific holiday, that is about the birth of Jesus, about family and kindness, has been so much exploited as to reach to the level of the event with the highest economic impact in the year.

Felt heart garland by My Hideaway

This holiday season I have a suggestion for you. You can start planning and crafting your presents today or you can trust me and check out all the amazing advertisers on Kanelstrand.

I take pride in everyone I work with. And for that to happen I have to believe in them. Every would-be advertiser goes through serious screening before they appear on the blog but once they are here I can wholeheartedly stand up for  what they do. I take care to present to you eco-conscious artists and crafters, who have a unique point of view and I guarantee that they create with love. My advertsiers are people who you would like to be your friends.

Go ahead and click on the beautiful images in the left sidebar. If you like what you see send the shop owner a message, say that you have come from Kanelstrand, tell them what you think about the shop. You might simply warm their heart without expecting anything in return. Sometimes these people need some loving too :)