01 November 2012

In my Studio

The end of October brought snow to Norway. We got instantly transferred to a monochrome world. Just like that, with no notice the brightly light leaves and the joy in my heart were shut down and put to sleep under a heavy white blanket.

Only the magpies, with their monochrome feathers and their monotonous voices don't feel the cold and seem to enjoy being the sole masters of the space outside called forest.

This sudden change made me concentrate on another world which I love to inhabit. Last week I asked for your suggestions for my next artwork that had the autumn sky as a background. The one suggestion that touched my creative string came from talented Kim of 2 Just B you. By the way, you should visit her extremely diverse etsy shop, dedicated to raising funds solely for the extra educational expenses for her kids. Here is what Kim suggested:
"I'm thinking a falling leaf (or leaves) or something having to do with the autumn season. Maybe a house (since you have a lot of houses in some of your other photos) in the fall with all the leaves surrounding it. Something like that is what I picture."
The moment I read Kim's words I was already floating, I only needed some time to actually make what I saw in my mind. And snow gave me that time.

Here is the final result of two and a half days work. 
Roll your mouse over the image to see.

You can now buy this artwork as a print here. Have I mentioned that I print with eco-friendly inks on an eco-friendly photo printer?

On another note, I am deeply thankful for your support and daily devotion to Kanelstrand. One year and seven months into existence, the blog just passed passed 1,7 million views! Thank you!

And this news comes right after I (through my work on Kanelstrand) was chosen as one of the Top 100 Green Influencers on the web! You can see the badge in the right sidebar. I am humbled and inspired to become an even louder voice for sustainable, green and simple living!