20 September 2012

Creating a Thoughtful Home

This post is written by contributing author Shelly Kerry.
Do you agree that creating a home that is warm and inviting, inspirational and relaxing, productive and efficient can change your whole perspective and promote happiness? Designing your space to be a relaxing refuge from other external daily challenges can be life changing. If you have a home office or a creative home studio constructing these spaces to be as efficient as possible can make your life so much easier.

I run a program called Creating Space where I consult small business owners with home based offices and studios how to create a happy and productive environment. Even if you don’t make money from a space in your home everyone can benefit from a more thoughtful space.

Home to me is very important. It is where I come up with new ideas and escape from the challenges of city living. I make conscious decisions about everything that I bring into my home (living alone in a small studio space makes this a little easier) and everyone that I invite to share it with me. Home is not just a place for me to throw my coat but a place to rejuvenate my spirit and foster new creations. Have you asked yourself lately what home means to you?

As I always say, awareness is essential to making important changes. Honor your home by taking time this week to really sit in your space and ask yourself what you love about it and what is not working. Are there small immediate adjustments you can make that will increase your happiness level? Perhaps it is buying a new piece of local art to hang on the wall or finally putting all of those photos in frames to fill that empty wall. Are there bigger projects like a new coat of paint that will rejuvenate your space? Or perhaps it is time to reorganize your cupboards and drawers so it doesn’t take you ten minutes every day to find simple things.

We waste so much time trying to find little things like our keys, necessary tools, missing shoes that just making simple changes can make a world of difference. Trying to create a habit of putting things back in the same place every time will help greatly. Finally conquering the junk drawer can make you feel more accomplished then you could imagine. This may sound trivial but changing these little things can save a lot of time in your day.

Create a beautiful relationship with your home by doing special things when you are in it. Invite people over on a regular basis and share your beautiful space. Spend Sundays cooking new dishes and fill the space with awesome seasonal smells. Connect to your past by bringing something special from it into your space – an old photo of your family, a trinket or again bake something that reminds you of childhood.

There are little, inexpensive things you can do to nurture and create an efficient and thoughtful home that not only comfort those that live there but anyone who walks through the door. 
All photos by Shelly Kerry.

Shelly is the motivation and creativity side of Lightbox SF. As a jewelry designer she has spent many years testing and honing the skills and discipline needed to run your own creative business while still having time for friends, family and fun. She puts her wealth of experience to use in the Creating Space service - healthy living advice to help keep you motivated and make the most out of your already busy schedule. She will help you find both the physical and emotional space so you can pursue your dreams and she’ll always insist there’s time for yourself. Shelly will be pursuing a Core Strengths coaching certificate through San Francisco State University in 2013. Connect to Shelly via twitter or facebook.


  1. Lovely ideas! And yes, a warm & inviting space is so much more conducive to getting things done!!

    1. Yes, evaluating your priorities comes in handy when you have to choose between coziness and practicality!

  2. Great reminders, Shelly!
    We tend to rearrange all decor/furniture about twice a year. Isn't it strange how one day you just wake up to discover a whole new way to place things that is so much better, truly aoptimized?

    It's one of those "aha!" moments. It makes you wonder how you could be blind to this —now obvious— setup for so long.

    1. I too have found a passion in rearranging spaces and I think that it is healthy and inspiring as long as it doesn't get too obsessive :)

    2. You know I rarely move my furniture because I live in such a small space but I love that reminder. I have just been rearranging vertically.
      My Mom changes the furniture all time - she calls it spicing things up. Always makes me laugh.
      I decided this year I would change the artwork in my place seasonally to prevent boredom and to inspire

    3. My mom does too! I remember getting home from school as a child to find everything in a completely different place :)
      She would just rearrange the things she already owned, though.

  3. I really need to do this. I have been wanting to change things up in my house for awhile, you post has given me the inspiration I need. I think a weekend project is in my future. Thanks for sharing such good ideas.
    Everyday Inspired

    1. Awesome Valerie! I would love to see the results.