27 September 2012

Seasons in Scandinavia - September in Norway

September is a rainy month in Norway and yet you can find a sunny day or two. The first mists reign over towns and valleys, and the sun paints leaves in all colors you can think of. The birds sing their last joyous songs and I say goodbye to the carelessness of summer. It gets replaced by thicker clothes, heavier shoes and the occasional hat. 

Well, let's not cry salty tears over such a colorful month, and just enjoy it! Here is how I saw it through my camera. Click here to see September 2011.

It's still warm enough for fishing barefoot.

You can meet deers in any season.

I don't recognize mushrooms but at least I can photograph them.

Look at the contrast!

And the sea can be rough but in a playful way.

This is where you climb to check on the salmon passing from the river to the sea.

The mist comes...

... and changes everything.